Netflix Series ‘Queer Eye’ Reboot: The New Fab Five

Guys! I have a new obsession. Those of you who actually read my blogs will know that sometimes I like to watch shows on Netflix and then review them on my blog. Well I came across the show Queer Eye, a remake of the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I really never thought that I’d ever come to enjoy a remake but I must say that the way in which this show was created and casted, it really draws you in right from the beginning.

Normally with TV Shows, I tend to view them much later than they originally air just to see if everyone starts to hype about it and recommend it to me. That is normally a good judgement call for me. Well, I opened my news feed on Instagram one day and literally my whole news feed was filled with The Fab Five. I’ll come to talk about those guys in a moment but first let me give you a bit of an idea of what the show is about.

The show is essentially a makeover show. However there are a lot of twists and differences that make this one stand out from the rest. One misguided individual will become the subject of five gay men (not in that way), namely The Fab Five. They will receive a full makeover including grooming and a new wardrobe. Their home will also be completely overhauled and redecorated. They will even get a few cooking skills from the absolutely gorgeous Antoni Porowski.

What does this achieve I hear you ask? Well most of these guys have had several personal issues and uphill battles for example: low self-esteem, coming to terms with homosexuality, or just quite simply wanting to make an effort for their spouse but not having a clue how. This is where our Fab Five come into the mix. They are really there to give them some of that inspiration and esteem back to really get their life back on track. For me it is remarkably refreshing to see a group of straight guys accept so willingly the help from gay guys and there being no awkwardness or stale atmosphere. It paints a positive image of gay people that we are all human regardless of sexuality and some may not have had the chance to see that. Style expert Tan France states at the very beginning of the season: “The original show was fighting for tolerance, our fight is for acceptance”. Well done guys, you have my respect already.

Those of you who watched the original show, you’d know that a remake indeed has some rather large heels to fill. Lets review the new and improved fab five and see exactly what skills they have to offer.

Antoni Porowski


His main role in the show is to give the subjects some culinary skills and just boost their self esteem in general. Let’s not shy away from the fact that he is fucking hot too. I am seriously crushing on the guy probably more than I should…

Jonathan Van Ness


I challenge you to find someone fiercer, camper and crazier than Mr Jonathan Van Ness. I think you’ll have a hard job! This sassy queen’s specialty is all things hair. He is a professional hairdresser. He also knows a lot about male grooming products and what not to use in your daily skin care routine. I think his humour and personality bring a much needed energy to the show without which would never be the same.

Tan France 

Tan France

Meet our style expert, Tan France. He is actually one of us Brits and he is in charge of the wardrobe. He is very knowledgable about fashion and knows exactly how to select outfits based on body type and personality. Though the style he selects for the clients are normally rather basic outfits, they are however a vast improvement on what they were wearing before. Some of his main skills include providing efficiency and utility to make it easy to be able to piece together a cool outfit for any occasion.

Bobby Berk


Next we have Mr Bobby Berk who is the interior design specialist of the group. He has created quite the name for himself off the show with his own interior design empire and boasts over 130,000 followers on Instagram. His work on the show really does make a huge impact in every episode and it is very clear that he has amazing taste for furniture.

Karamo Brown

Karamo 1

And last but not least, meet Karamo Brown. He is our culture expert for the show! He wants to eradicate the stereotypes that gay people only love things like theatre, restaurant dining and shopping. Yes, we like those thing but it isn’t all that defines us. He wants to show that our diversity is just as complex as that of straight guys. He is also very skilled socially and is very easy to talk to on an emotional level. Karamo believes that the main objective of the show is to reach out to LGBTQ youth and give them something to aspire to that he would have liked as a child- and I totally rate him for that.

I advise everyone to get watching the first season on Netflix. I basically binged watched it and finished it in two days.

Saturday, 3rd March 2018




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