“Anyone can start a blog. Very few people start a blog that matters.”

As I move closer to what will be my 20th blog post, I really feel immensely proud that I have managed to get this website started without a clear vision of the outcome. I believe that I have put out some really good posts, some average and well…some not so good. However, I shan’t let anything discourage me from carrying on posting. In fact the only thing keeping me from putting up more blogs is not knowing what to blog about. Sometimes I’m just bursting with ideas and concepts and other times I just go completely jelly-brained. Anyway everything gets better with practice, at least I hope.

First things first, I still need to get a clear direction I want to go with this site. I need to find some structure and consistency in my posts. Even with just a few readers that I have at the moment, I feel immensely grateful that someone actually takes the time to read my stuff. After all, projecting my thoughts and creativity into the website is surprisingly… therapeutic. It’s like a way to destress and declutter my brain.

In regards to the quote-title of this post, I really thought long and hard about it because I so badly want this website to be one that matters. The quote is absolutely true. I have read some pretty bad blogs in the past and they usually don’t last too long before the fizzle and die. It goes to show that if you want to make it in this field, your content has to be on point. It got me thinking about my own site and ways in which I could improve and possibly even give some advice to other people who are thinking about starting blog.

I guess one of the key aspects is understanding who your demographic audience is and tailoring your content to them. This is very important to start building an audience. If all of your readers are singing from the same hymn sheet so-to-speak, chances are they will collectively find the posts interesting. This is quite difficult in my case because I like to write about whatever random thought comes into my head so that’s definitely something I need to work on. This brings me on to my next point, making sure that the content is not boring! Nobody reads a boring blog. A huge mistake that many people make (and I must admit that I almost fell in this trap myself) is caring too much about views, visits and clicks. Priority is first and foremost the content. Make your content readable and views will undoubtably follow.

Lastly, if any of you guys have anything in particular you like to read in a blog, or any ideas how I can improve the website, please give me some feedback in the comments. I would be so grateful for some constructive criticism in order to improve.

xoxo, Harry 😛

Monday 26th February 2018



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