All Stars 3 ‘Meet the Queens’

Okay racers! We are well underway with season 3 of All Stars and we have already seen our crazy queens get up to some real mischief. First lets get up to date with who is on this season.

Aja (season 9)Aja.pngFresh off the runway from coming in at 9th place on season 9, this queen has no excuses not to impress as she was only here last year. She is in fact our youngest queen this season at the tender age of 24.

BenDeLaCreme (Season 6)BenDeLaCreme.jpgOne of the strong favourites to win, this queen came in at 5th place during her time on season 6. Probably best known for her portrayal of Maggie Smith that led her to victory on the Snatch Game, this sassy queen is one to watch!

Chi Chi DeVayne (Season 8)Chi Chi.jpgEliminated on episode 9, this fierce queen came in at 4th place on season 8. Her lipsync to “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” recieved widespread acclaim from fans of the show.

Kennedy Davenport (Season 7)Kennedy.pngBest known for being a ‘polished’ queen, Kennedy came in 4th place on season 7 and is best known for her dance numbers and strong lip-syncing skills.

Milk (Season 6)Milk.png“It’s Milkin’ Time..!” is her TM. Her style of drag is… let’s say… a tad risqué. Will she milk the competition?

Morgan McMichaels (season 2)Morgan.pngThe definition of a ‘classic queen’, Morgan was almost forgotten until she got asked to do all stars three. Has she improved her game after so many years away from the werkroom?

Shangela (season 2… oh and 3)Shangela.jpg‘Guess who back in the house, heels click clackin’ about?’ Of course it wouldn’t be a party without the one and only Shangela!  A contender not only on season 2 but also on season 3, this queen has had some experience that may give her the edge of the competition. Can I get a halleloo’?

Thorgy Thor (Season 8)Thorgy.jpgA drag queen playing a violin? Now I’ve seen it all. Coming in at 6th place on season 8 this queen hopes that All Stars 3 will take her out of the nightclubs and into the theatre! Break a leg gurl. #literally

Trixie Mattel (Season 7)Trixie.jpgThis queen has caused quite the controversy I’ll tell you that. Known for getting eliminated in week 4 and then reinstated on episode 8…. only to be eliminated again on episode 10?! *Gasp* 

BeBe Zahara Benet (Season 1 Winner)BeBe.jpgNow, I know what you’re thinking … This bitch has already won! Yes, you’re right. However Ru has reinstated her as the 10th queen to enter the work room to shake up this years line-up. After only winning $20,000 a second chance is only fair right? What do you think? #shealreadydonehadherses 



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